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Conceptualizing Arab Nationalism: Theorists & The Imagined Nation

Conceptualizing Arab Nationalism: Theorists & The Imagined Nation

Regional literature traces the seeds of Arab nationalism to the intellectual scene of the 19th century, when thinkers sought to infuse Arabist sentiment throughout society. This essay contextualizes Arab nationalism as a historically situated phenomenon, chronologically retracing the paradigms introduced by the Arab World’s earliest nationalist philosophers.

Ola Rifai
2024 European Parliament Elections

2024 European Parliament Elections

Every five years and for more than four decades, European citizens head to the polls to elect their representatives in the European Parliament. The upcoming 2024 European Parliament elections, set to take place in June, will mark a pivotal moment for the future of the inter-European political landscape.

Campaign Funding in US Elections

Campaign Funding in US Elections

The issue of political financing is historically rooted in US presidential elections. Underlying the political struggle toward the presidency is a money race, as contenders fight to gain crucial campaign support and outweigh their opposition ahead of elections in November.

Sarah Afaneh


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